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Photography Introduction


This section discusses the photographic aspects of the "Canalscape" and "Diarama" websites and eBooks as well as photography in general



This section of the Canalscape website is dedicated to my brother

 James Milton Wood 13/1/1939 - 5/11/2014

Jim at the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct with one of his Leicas

Photography Introduction

The photographs within the Canalscape and Diarama websites and eBooks are mainly sourced from my photographic archive which currently is approaching one hundred thousand images. They were taken mainly by myself, the earliest of which dates from 1966, although some of the old family photographs and images scanned from standard 8mm ciné film were either taken by my brother Jim or my Father and date back as far as 1960. There are also images sourced from the Internet and some which I have scanned from the Bridgewater Canal and Manchester Ship Canal Archives at the Greater Manchester Records Office plus some beautiful glass plate negatives from my own archive dating back well over one hundred years.

A scan of a beautiful, 100 year old glass plate negative of a traditional narrowboat at Chester Northgate Locks that is in my photographic archive

A scan of another glass plate negative of Lumford Cottages, Bakewell from my photographic archive

My own photographs were taken on many types of cameras ranging from 5x4 large format, 6x6 and 6x9 medium format and 35mm as well as scanned flat copy. Some of the more recent photographs are high quality digital images taken on my FujiFilm Finepix E550, FujiFilm Finepix S9600 and latterly a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ6 ("knockabout" camera possessing a Leica lens), Leica D-Lux 3, Leica V-Lux 1 and Leica C-Lux 3 cameras. A few images which were taken on my mobile phone have also found their way in as well (such is the march of technology)! The technical quality and subtlety of some of the images cannot be appreciated when reproduced here due to them having to be resized to preserve reasonable download times. Inversely, a few of the photographs in "Canalscape" were scanned from standard 8mm ciné film frames, "frame grabbed" video, computer screen grabbed, flat copy images scanned from old brochures or magazines and understandably, the technical quality of some of these images leaves a lot to be desired. British Waterways (now the Canal and River Trust) Archive Section allowed me to reproduce photographs published in their original Canal Cruising Booklets or "Blue Guides" from the 1960’s (first published in 1958 with the canals represented as a brown line) of which I have a complete set of the Second Editions. The inclusion of these images is a useful addition and they complement the other photographs from that period as do photographs reproduced from my collection of old Dean's Pleasure Boats brochures also from the 1960s.

The complete set of British Waterways Board (now Canal and River Trust) Canal Cruising Booklets

A selection of Deans Pleasure Boats brochures from the 1960's

As the photography section of the Canalscape and Diarama websites has grown I have had to split it up into five sections (including this one) in order to further maintain acceptable download times. Below are the contents with hyperlinks to these sections...

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Photography in One

 (A Brief Photography of History, Photographic Theory, Principles and Techniques)



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Photography in One


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Photographic Experiences

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Photography in One

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