The Diarama website is an informative site dedicated to some of the subjects that are close to my heart... namely, Wirral's Local History and Photography and other "anorak" stuff. Another subject close to my heart is canal and inland waterway cruising which is covered in Diarama's sister website "Canalscape" at As well as chapters on the Local History of the Wirral Peninsula Diarama contains "Wheels and Props" illustrating my favourites from the world of transport, a brief history of "Audio & Hi-Fi sound",  "Diarama Photography", "Photography In One", "Flying Bridges"... the history of the Transporter Bridge  plus... something completely different in the shape of a children's novel that I have written entitled "Half Term Adventure". There is also an e-mail hyperlink in "Footnote and About the Author" if you wish to report any broken links, make any observations or suggestions or just chat about any of the subjects covered. The Diarama website is an on-going project and I will apologise beforehand for any disappointment if a required section is not yet completed.

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Wyre Heal - Wirral's Local History
Diarama Photography
Photography In One
Wheels and Props
Audio and Hi-Fi
Two Way & CB Radio Protocol & Instructions (New)
Transporter Bridges
Half Term Adventure
Footnote and About the Author

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